The Szarkaláb Folk Dance Association was esstablished in 18th of Oct in 2010 assistance of some enthusiastic parents and Ibolya Iker dance instructor.

The initial enthusiasm of a group of 4 -5 people soon found followers and steadily grew in number.

Although we started as awomen's dance group. Fortunately a couple of male dancers also joined us. A few weeks after we nerly had 30 members from 18 to 60 years old. Most of us start learning how to dance and some of us recalled our youth memories.

On Mondays we usually practice and after dance we learn choreography.

Because we are begginer group we have three dance performance: „Dunantúli Ugrós”, „Sárközi Verbunk”,” Délalföldi oláhos”.

Since 28th December 2010 we operate as "Paks Szarkaláb Dance Association".

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